Words Hold Vibration Just Like Thoughts

Poets mold them. Playwrights compose them. Scholars argue them. Singers belt them out.

Having spent many years working at Crystal Clarity Publishers while Swami was in the body, I had come to realize that words are important. They not only hold meaning, but vibration, energy.

It’s not only in how they are spoken. Or how they are written. It is also in how we give them to one another. Think them. (Okay you know that it is more then just literally thinking the word word in your head!)

Words have meaning…in the English language sometimes too many meanings! The right word used well is, well, perfect. And when it’s not, it’s not. And some are just confusing.

But like all things words carry energy.

It’s the intention behind the words that conveys the vibration. Not that using any old word is all fine and dandy, but the energy you put behind a word will carry the meaning more deeply. Some having a negative energy, some light. Hate. Love. Share. Take. And sometimes even “dark words” can show depth, “I hate it when you have to leave.”

The clearest example of this is when you scold a child or even a dog. The look of remorse, sadness. The hunching shoulders (or tail between the legs).

With an animal, this reaction can be elicited with any words, as long as the energy behind the words is like when scolding that pet. It’s the energy that we feel being thrown at us, not the words really. (Though it does really prove this point, I don’t recommend this type of thing as it is not a kind thing to do.)

Words are important to choose wisely, state clearly. And at the same time it is important not to get hung up on a word and it’s meaning. Or to use words that others wouldn’t understand, speaking above them, if you will.

I have added this excerpt from The Hindu Way of Awakening by Swami Kriyananda, on AUM. It is fascinating and a great description on why we spell the word AUM in this way and how to say it so that all the blessings, and energy, in the word flow through you.

“The word AUM, when written properly, contains three letters, signifying the threefold nature of Cosmic Vibration. …AUM should be pronounced correctly for its mantric power.” (Again, showing that there is great energy in a word.)

“The “A” in AUM represents the cosmic creative vibration, and should be pronounced short, rather than long as in “arm.” When this sound is heard in meditation, it is pitched highest of the three.

” “U” (pronounced “oo” as in “moon”) is the cosmic vibration of preservation. It maintains all creation in a state of equilibrium. This sound, when heard in meditation, is pitched somewhat lower than the first.

” “M” represents the vibration of cosmic dissolution, which draws all creation back into the Absolute at the end of a universal cycle. The time allotted to cosmic manifestation is known as a Day of Brahma, and spans a period of billions of years. This vibration of the AUM sound, when heard in meditation, is pitched lowest of all, like a deep rumbling.\

” The fact that all three sounds are audible in meditation is proof that their activity is constant, and not only sequential in cosmic time.

“…A final point should be made here: When chanting AUM, the “M” should be given equal emphasis to the preceding two vowels.”