Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Good company is essential on the spiritual path,” and “whether your energy will move inward toward God, or outward toward the world, is determined to a large extent by the company you keep.”

To become a member of Ananda is to embrace a spiritual relationship with God, with the masters who guide this path, and with your Ananda brothers and sisters. It’s a way of saying, “I want to deepen my inner experience of God. I want to help others grow spiritually. I want to help the movement of Self-realization by helping Ananda.”

Ananda is, on a personal level, a spiritual family, a group of friends walking the path together on a quest for joy. If you are on the same journey—to find Self-realization and to help others along the way—perhaps you would like to walk with us. The world desperately needs to hear this message of Self-realization and to see examples like Ananda.

So many people’s lives have been changed through Ananda…perhaps including yours. Each one touches others and the light goes out in ever-expanding circles. What a divine opportunity to serve! What a great adventure! Will you come along? Will you give your heart and hands to making the miracle?

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