Once you are a kriyaban, the work of the spiritual path has just begun. We recommend you continue your practice of kriya with the support offered through Ananda Portland and Ananda Sangha Worldwide:

1) Stay actively involved with Ananda Portland in its various aspects. Serve regularly, keep company with other devotees, and expand your sense of self to include your larger spiritual family of gurubais. Tithe or donate regularly to support your source of inspiration.

2)  Attend and participate in all devotional events. As an advanced disciple of Yogananda’s said, “Perform regularly whatever act makes devotion burn to heaven in a clear, bright flame.”  more on devotion

3)  Meditate with other kriyabans regularly. Ananda Portland offers quarterly Kriya meditations at the temple – usually on the first Saturday of the month.  Calendar

4) Meet with a minister to have your kriyas checked and to ask questions as your grow in your spiritual practices.  Kriyabans are welcome to attend the Exploring Kriya satsangs on Sundays. More info here.

5) Connect with the larger Ananda Sangha Kriya ministry and receive their newsletter and utilize the extensive resources they offer. Ananda Worldwide.