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“Feel Light and Divine Power flowing through you as you serve
as an instrument of God’s healing grace.”
Paramhansa Yogananda

We live in a universe of energy. The creative energy that produces the stars, planets, plants, animals and all of humankind can also heal and uplift. By the power of prayer and soul-receptivity, we can attune ourselves to this flow of cosmic energy and healing life force. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that “Life force is the only supreme, invariable power by which any or all methods of healing can be made effective.”

At Ananda Portland we offer a Healing Prayer Ministry, a group of individuals, who serve others by praying for them.

In addition to monthly prayer satsangs at the temple (these have been suspended during the COVID19 pandemic), the Healing Prayer Ministry meets online weekly and each individual prays for others on a daily basis at home.

  • If you would like to serve with the Healing Prayer Ministry, please contact us at the email below.
  • If you would like to submit a prayer request for yourself or someone you know, please use the email below.  Include this information in your request:
  1. Your name
  2. The name of the individual who needs prayer, along with a brief description.
  3. The specific concern or need
  4. Let us know if you would like to be contacted by one of the ministry team.

Prayer requests are active for one month and are shared with the members of the Healing Prayer Ministry. After one month, you may renew your request if you want to.

Members of Healing Prayer Ministry

Go to Prayer Request Form

Email: prayers @ anandaportland.org
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May God’s light shine upon you