Our boutique is located in the Temple and Teaching Center, where every purchase supports Ananda Portland.

We offer products to support your meditation and yoga practices such as blankets, mats, shawls, malas, cushions, headphones, music, DVDs and books.  The boutique also carries sacred art and unique gift items from local devotee artists.

We also carry harmoniums for devotional chanting. These are beautiful instruments made in India. Call us to check on current stock.

Boutique Hours

Sundays 11:30 am to approximately 12:15 pm. We open after the conclusion of our Sunday services.

Monday-Friday closed during the day while Living Wisdom School classes and aftercare are in


Saturday and weekday evening hours vary depending on the class and event schedule. Generally, the boutique is open after classes and events. Please check the online calendar for more information.

To inquire about visiting the boutique or to schedule an appointment, you are welcome to call us at 503-626-3403, or email us at portland@anandaportland.org.