Melissa Heart has been teaching Ananda Yoga since 2012 as a certified Ananda Yoga instructor. She’s been with Ananda Portland since 2007 and has served in many capacities at the Temple. Currently she manages the Ananda Temple and coordinates for the Education for Life Outreach Program.

Teaching yoga has always been a joy and it has transformed my life. It has always given me more energy and a calm acceptance of what is in front of me. I love that everyone can do yoga!  -Melissa

Wendy Chapler has been practicing yoga since the early 70’s. Upon retirement she took Ananda Yoga Teacher Training through the Ananda Bay Area School of Yoga and Meditation in Palo Alto, CA in June 2018. She started a “community”, donation based, yoga class at Scotts Valley Ananda to make yoga accessible to all. Unfortunately, Covid closed down the Ananda Scotts Valley Temple so she is happy to return to teaching as a member of the Ananda Portland Temple. Her teaching has been described as kind and authentic.   
I find Ananda Yoga, with it’s affirmations and emphasis on moving energy throughout the body and going within, the truest yoga I’ve practiced. It’s not about how we look, but how we feel. This is joyful, gentle yoga. – Wendy

Badri is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor with over 15 years’ experience. His dedicated spiritual practice began in 2007 which led him to Ananda Village where he resided for 14 years, studying as well as teaching numerous yoga, meditation and other classes, as well as serving in community management. He moved to Ananda Portland in 2023 where he serves and lives with his wife Gita, and children Tulsi and Jay. Badri loves Ananda music and chanting, adventures in travel and nature, and surfing and sports. He believes yoga and meditation, along with the priceless gifts of spiritual community and friendships, are the keys to happiness and peace in this world.