What is Ananda?

Autobiography of a Yogi

Ananda is a global spiritual movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the great spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, who showed how everyone can realize God in their daily lives as a tangible, loving reality.

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Sunday Service with
Nayaswamis Hanuman and Mari

June 4 @ 10 am
Why Do Devotees Fall?

Service includes chanting, meditation, affirmation, scripture readings, music and an inspirational talk. We also have snacks and satsang (fellowship) after service.
Find more information about services here. 

Services are in person at the temple and live-streamed on Ananda Portland Youtube.

Sunday School for ages 3 – 9 happens on first Sundays. Pre-register with Melissa Heart.

Concert with Ram Smith

Friday, June 2 @ 7 pm

Ram returns to Portland with more music from around the world. It will be a delightful evening and we hope you come join us. 

Tickets are on sliding scale of $10 – $20 for entertainment, upliftment and an evening of laughter and joy. 

This event is in-person only and not online.

Drop-In Meditations at the Temple

7 – 8:00 PM  Fridays and
12 – 1 Wednesdays
*not on Friday 6/2

Wednesdays and Fridays we welcome you to come and meditate in the temple with us. Being in a sacred space and turning within to connect with the Divine Presence gives us the experience of what is eternally true. We are children of light.

We will close and lock the doors about 15 minutes after the meditation begins, but you can leave anytime. These meditations are hosted by Ananda ministers.

Ananda Yoga

Melissa width=Classes every Wednesday @  5 – 6  pm with Melissa

Yoga for Joy!      Learn more


Peace is within you

The ancient and universal teachings of yoga lead the seeker into the inner experience
of peace and joy and have proven to be beneficial in every part of life.
Learn the secrets of meditation and discover your Highest Self within.

Personal Meditation Instruction Online or In Person

Our teachers have many years of meditation experience
and will help you get started or refresh your meditation practice.
Learn techniques of relaxation, energy control, concentration, and affirmation.

Classes include: Learn to Meditate I / Learn to Meditate II:Energy
and Personal Meditation Coaching

Education for Life Outreach

The Education for Life Outreach Program through Ananda Portland offers support and connection to families with holistic education and community friendships. The programs and classes will enrich our lives and expand our awareness of what’s possible in raising kind and compassionate children.   Learn more

Joyful Heart Yoga Summer Day Camp

August 7 – 11 

Through stories, songs, movement, art, yoga, and play children learn about their higher selves. We have fun while we practice loving kindness. Led by our preschool teachers and staff. 

More details HERE

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