How Meditation Can Help You

Meditation is one of the most natural and yet most profoundly rewarding of all human activities. It is a simple process that can be done anywhere and anytime.    more…

Why I Meditate – short videos from people like you who have discovered meditation helps them reach their goals.

“Practicing daily meditation is the nicest gift I ever gave myself.” – B.G. Portland

Meditation Classes – now online and in person.

You may be interested in meditation and feel unsure about how to begin, or perhaps you have tried meditation and you are seeking support or help with deepening your practice.  We can help with One on One Meditation Classes online and in person. Contact us and we can arrange classes at a time when it is convenient for you.  Learn more

Group Meditation Opportunities

Group meditation is a wonderful way to support one another in our spiritual practices and boost the benefits of meditation. Since Covid, we have had to decrease our group meditations, but there are ways to meditate with others.

  • Sunday Service is a group experience. Meditation periods during service are very brief, but the benefit of being with other spiritual seekers and sharing ritual, worship, affirmation, music, as well as meditation, cannot be overstated. When we join our energy with others in high aspiration, we grow.
  • Monthly group meditations will be held in person in the temple, beginning in January, 2023. Group meditations for Kriyabans will also be offered. Please call for information: 503-626-3403.
  • Kirtans, which include devotional chanting and brief meditation, are usually scheduled monthly. Please call for information: 503-626-3403

Ananda Worldwide offers meditations online, courses in meditation and a guided meditation app. Learn more

Inspiring Books, Resources and Meditation Supplies

Our Ananda Portland Boutique carries books, CDs, DVDs, meditation pillows, benches, shawls, harmoniums, and other supplies to support and enhance your practice. Located at the Ananda Portland Temple & Teaching Center. We are happy to answer questions or give you an appointment.  Call 503-626-3403.