January 2023 – Ananda Portland is partnering with Ananda Washington to offer this course through Ananda Washington, in-person (at the Blue Lotus Temple in Bothell) and online through Zoom. This may be offered only once in this form. More information can be found HERE.


The Art and Science of Raja Yoga is Step 2 on the Path to Kriya Yoga. This is a comprehensive course in the subtle science of yoga and the tools and techniques that will change your life as you live the teachings every day.

Topics include:

  • The History of Yoga and the Cycles of Time    Explore the origins of yoga as a complete way of life.
  • The Paths of Yoga    Devotion (bhakti), Karma (action), Gyana (wisdom). Yoga is suited to every different temperament.
  • Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga    The eight limbs of yoga that define and describe the steps of spiritual development.
  • Yama    Practices to avoid that produce unhappiness.
  • Niyama    Practices to cultivate that produce contentment, success and fulfillment.
  • Life is a Battlefield    How to develop inner peace in the midst of life’s chaos.
  • Affirmations    Techniques to help you achieve your goals: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
  • Energy and Energization    Discover the ways and means of optimum health and lasting joy.
  • Magnetism    The key to success and abundance in every undertaking, from meditation to one’s material goals.
  • The Anatomy of Yoga    Your deepest nature is immortal and infinite. What is keeping you from realizing this? Learn the ancient techniques that yogis use to break down the barriers keeping them separated from their highest Self.
  • Health, Healing and Diet as parts of the Yogic Lifestyle
  • Hatha Yoga / Asanas   How the physical aspects of yoga are just a hint of the deep and subtle teachings that transform our consciousness.