A founding member of Ananda Portland, Lorna has been a disciple of Yogananda for over 30 years. Her experience with Ananda Portland includes teaching Sunday School and developing curriculum, teaching at the Living Wisdom School, and serving in all capacities at the Temple as teacher and minister, choir member and counselor. Newcomers appreciate her warmth and friendly practical approach to spiritual teachings.

Articles by Lorna Knox


Kissing the Face of God

Blessings of the Christ-Consciousness this Holiday Season This image by artist Morgan Weistling is titled, “Kissing the Face of God”. I first saw it on a boxed set of Christmas cards my husband brought home, and we were both captured by the tangible sense of human and divine love the artist conveyed. The artist has said that the thought of … Read More


One Lesson in the Story of Jesus

I was once a part of a team writing spiritual curriculum for children and had the fascinating assignment of writing the story for the Easter lesson. It was fascinating and challenging because I was asked notto refer to the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. This group took a more scholarly approach to the life of Christ and did not believe in … Read More

Spiritual Teachings

You Can Change Your Life by Changing Your Magnetism

I Used to Mentally Label Magnetism as “woo-woo” Grounded, practical, real—these are words I would be inclined to use to describe myself and those spiritual teachings that I am attracted to. Magnetism, or some strange spiritual power of attraction, didn’t fit my down-to-earth mentality and therefore was condemned to the woo-woo category. But luckily, my hasty judgements are often revoked … Read More

Lorna Knox, Minister-Lightbearer at the Ananda Temple, devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda

Meditation—for Real

Meditation Is Part of the Conversation Today I had a conversation with two women about meditation, while we were at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was not an Ananda gathering and even while enjoying the exchange, part of my mind was fascinated that meditation has become a mainstream conversation topic. One woman expressed confusion and asked me to explain … Read More