Update on Corona Virus from Dr Peter Van Houten

56th Update on Corona Virus Pandemic with Dr Peter 1/4/2021 Some Review of Transmission Rates Does the new variant, with a higher transmission rate, matter? The transmission rate of a virus matters a lot. When the virus hit, it seemed to have an R0 (R-naught) of 3.0 – meaning one person would most likely transmit it to 3 other people. … Read More

Update on Corona Virus from Dr Peter Van Houten

55th Update on Corona Virus Pandemic with Dr Peter12/21/20 Statistics Nevada County (about 100k pop)2200 cases, up 600 cases from 2 weeks ago. 40 – 60 per dayWestern NC – 1500 casesCase Positivity Rate: An average daily positivity rate (over 14 days): 15% starting to come down a bit.Mostly PCR tests, but now the antigen tests, such as BinaxNOW rapid … Read More

Update on the SARS II Corona Virus Pandemic from Dr Peter Van Houten

December 7, 2020 Dr Peter Van Houten 54rd update on the SARS II Corona Virus – Three weeks from last update Exponential Growth of Viruses This has been covered before, but viruses do not spread in a linear way – 1, 2, 3, 4, cases…. Exponential growth is doubling each day, 1 case, 2 cases, 4 cases, 8 cases, 16, … Read More

Update on the SARS II Corona Virus Pandemic from Dr Peter Van Houten

November 16, 2020 Dr Peter Van Houten 53rd update on the SARS II Corona Virus – Two weeks from last update “Honey Badger” – phrase coined by an epidemiologist to refer to Corona virus that does not want to be contained. Appears to be a second wave/resurgence across the country. Takes about 10-14 days to see the results of events … Read More

From Surendra and Ananda; How We Are Moving Ahead In This Time Of Change

Dear Gurubhais and Friends… We want you to know how we, as a community and sangha, are addressing the coronavirus and its spectrum of issues and precautions. Included in this letter are the policies we are adhering to, services we are offering, and where you can access daily updates and information regarding this entire situation. Two very helpful resources come … Read More

Facing World Challenges as Warriors of Light

Watch this inspiring message by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, the spiritual directors of Ananda, and Dr. Peter Van Houten, MD, the medical director of Sierra Medical Family Clinic near Nevada City since 40 years, as they share the best practical and spiritual practices during the corona virus pandemic. Practice this powerful affirmation by Yogananda with Nayaswami Devi (from his book … Read More

Ananda Portland and COVID-19

Dear friends, In Autobiography of a Yogi it is said, “God is simple, everything else is complex.” The complexities of these times are certainly challenging! The reality of  COVID-19 is affecting every part of our lives and we must deal with it while also clinging to the deeper reality of God’s eternal presence. It is our hope that we can slow the progress … Read More


Let Us Lift Up Our Hearts

As I write this, I have just downloaded the boarding pass for my flight to California, and — barring any new decisions by our government or my airline — I’ll be on my way tomorrow (Thursday). And, when you read this (Monday), I expect to be on my way back home. We all know about plans, however. “Man plans, God laughs” … Read More

Airport control tower

C-c-c-c-control (with apologies to Bowie)

(In case you’re wondering: This week’s title was inspired by two of David Bowie’s most famous songs, “Changes” and “Space Oddity.”) It’s only been a few weeks since my last trip, yet I’m due to fly to California again later this week for my second visit with family this year. This time, an additional family member is also flying in, … Read More