Baby steps

Come to Me!

“Master, come to me…” Recently, these words from a song I first heard 30 years ago were running through my mind as I began to prepare for my morning meditation. As with many of us, it is always comforting to imagine myself in the presence of my Guru. I have a favorite image of Yogananda on my altar that I … Read More

Ananda Portland Update

Dear Friends… It’s time for another update. And a thank you. Most of you have been tithing a portion of your income to Ananda Portland for a number of years, and we are deeply grateful for your support. As you know, it is your donations that enable us to exist. Officially, we are a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit. Thus, whatever income … Read More

BAPS Mandir

A Glimpse of India

During my recent visit to California, a delightful opportunity presented itself—a family “field trip” to see a Hindu temple located just half an hour from home. Did I want to go see it? Of course! Not having been to India (thus far), or to any Hindu venues, I was more than curious. What little I know of Indian culture and … Read More

Reaching for Truth

The Authority Issue

“Question Authority.” When I first saw that statement on a car’s bumper sticker back in the early 1970’s, I didn’t understand its context—but I liked it. I was young, chafing under my mother’s strict rules for behavior. The idea of being able to challenge her authority (even if it was just in my own mind) was quite appealing. No one … Read More

Anandamide molecule

It’s True!

“Joy is within you.” When I first saw this statement at Ananda, I so very much wanted to believe it. I had heard it was so, and certainly there were times throughout my life that I had experienced deep inner joy. But to really know this truth, repeated over the ages by avatars and saints everywhere, as a constant reality: … Read More

…And Around We Go Again

“Fast away the old year passes / Hail the new year, lads and lasses!” Welcome to the last few days of the decade! We hope that your Christmas holiday was a blessed one. What did you do to replenish your inner Light and nourish your soul? I love hearing about the different ways my gurubhais spent this time re-connecting with the … Read More

Christmas tree

As We Grow Together

Dear Friends, This holy season comes, as always, on the last page of our calendar, as if to remind us to return to the Source of all beauty, goodness and joy. Celebrating the birth of Christ, within and without, is not only the culmination of our year’s spiritual adventures, it lays a foundation of hope and goodwill for the new … Read More