The echo of the sorrow and laughter of last year

Has died away.

Now the encouraging, hope-imparting song-voice of the

New Year

Is resounding through us..

To remodel our life in a new way

As we enter the portal of the New Year.

All weeds of worries of the past year must be left behind

And never brought back.

The seeds of all joys and achievements, all hopes,

All good habits and thoughts, all noble desires,

We must garner from the forsaken garden of the past year

And sow them on the soil of new effort

Of every day in the New Year,

Watering those good seeds of last year’s experiences

Until our life becomes a fragrant garden

Of rare flowering qualities.

Each New Year comes

To awaken our habit-driven Spirit

To make new effort

Until the Eternal Freedom

Is usurped from the hands

Of ever-pursuing Karma.

Let us all, hand-in-hand,

With ever-enlivened, unending, united mind,

Walk and dance forward

Until we reach the Home of complete fulfillment

From whence we return no more.

By Paramhansa Yogananda, January 1939, Inner Culture Magazine