Dear Friends,

We want to share an exciting opportunity with you—exploring the concept of how to age consciously.

As you may know, Swami Kriyananda attained liberation (Moksha) at death on April 21, 2013. Swami lived a highly productive and creative life right up until his passing. By his example of conscious living, he showed us a new paradigm for aging.

Many of Ananda’s life-members, following in his footsteps, have continued to give us examples of how to live consciously up to the end of their lives: Paula Lucki, one of Ananda Portland’s founding directors; Seva, an early manager of Ananda Village as well as a Light Bearer here in Portland for many years; Nalini, who founded Ananda Radio; Anandi, one of The Expanding Light’s premier teachers and councilors (and there are many others!) all exhibited the same energetic, dynamic, and imaginative lifestyle right up until they left this earth plane.

Additionally, many of us at Ananda are choosing to take these examples and live our lives dedicated to consciously changing the way we look at elderhood.

All of these wonderful saints showed us that a life based on the teachings of our Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, will lead one to a life lived well by “simple living and high thinking.” We have the opportunity to learn to live our lives in a new and dynamic way—whether we are 58 or 88.

We are offering a set of 2 classes: on March 16 and April 13th (from 11 to 1pm) at Ananda Portland Temple. In this program, we will unwrap what it really takes to live a productive and creative life in Elderhood and how to address the concerns of Elderhood in an uplifted, as well as pragmatic way. We hope you will join us.

This program will be live streamed and recorded.

Please go to part-1/ for more information and registration.


Nayaswami Hanuman BSN and Jan Jerome MSW.