Ancient and timeless, universal and non-sectarian, the path of Kriya Yoga is more than a spiritual practice, it is a way of life. Its purpose is the end of suffering, the attainment of lasting inner joy, and ultimate freedom in God.

Such a goal is not reached in a day, a year, or perhaps even a lifetime, but as truth-seekers everywhere have learned, this blessed Kriya path offers greater peace of mind, less anxiety and stress, and more inspiration than any conventional, modern way of living. The reason is easy to understand, as you will discover as you read on.

After many incarnations of struggle and disappointment, we begin to seek in earnest for more than the ups and downs of ordinary life. We want better answers to our most fundamental questions: Who am I? What is this life all about, and how can I make it work for me, for the person I really want to be?

The path of Kriya Yoga answers those questions in fully practical terms. It is not some dusty philosophical thesis. Nor is it burdened with an overlay of rules, rituals and dogmas. The path of Kriya Yoga is entirely experiential. It leads us to our own higher awareness, to a deeper, intuitive connection to Spirit, and to ever-increasing inner bliss and well-being. Those who embrace this path tend to be more successful in other areas of their lives also, such as career and relationships. That’s because there is nothing in life that Kriya Yoga does not positively affect.

The path of Kriya Yoga as practiced at Ananda is characterized by “the seven S’s.”

Sadhana (meditation) is essential to our daily lives. In addition to spending private time in prayer and communion with God, attendance at group meditations is also highly encouraged for the deeper magnetic effect it can have on each participant.

Satsang with high-minded people is very important too. As Yogananda often reminded his disciples, “Environment is stronger than will.” The attunement one develops in the company of spiritual friends is a great benefit to all, adding inner strength and beauty to the fabric of everyone’s life.

Service in the spirit of self-offering is an aspiration we strive each day to embrace. Cooperation replaces competition as the means for getting things done, which also means that more gets done.

Support for each other in common causes – in overcoming troublesome habits and selfish desires, for example – enables us to accelerate our spiritual growth. And where everyone is serving for the betterment of all, joy and harmony abound.

Study is of two kinds at Ananda. In addition to our vast selection of books, classes, webinars and lectures on all topics relevant to the path of Self-realization, we also emphasize self-study as a key to spiritual progress. Intuitive wisdom gained of introspection is invaluable.

Singing, chanting and listening to deeply inspirational music are among our most joyful occupations. Hundreds of musical selections, composed from higher consciousness by Yogananda and Kriyananda, are an indispensable aid to uplifting your spirit. Ananda offers choir satsang; regular kirtans; chanting, voice and harmonium classes; and even online voice lessons.

Smiling is the irresistible response that comes of living and sharing this joyful way of life.

Is the Kriya path hard to follow? On the contrary, what could be harder than contending with the daily pressures, demands, and constant ups and downs of “normal” life in our modern world!