The act of giving itself generates the consciousness of abundance.

Support—the fifth of our 7 S’s—is powerfully exemplified through tithing. Tithing is giving 10%, or some set percentage of your income, on a regular basis. This is an agreement you make privately, in your own heart, with God. Tithing is a personal spiritual discipline, not a fundraising technique. It is an on-going partnership with God, offering an opportunity to reaffirm God as the Source of inspiration and all abundance. Money is a flow of energy that only increases as we open energy’s floodgates with willingness and love. Some people prefer to give their tithe as soon as they receive any money. This could mean giving several tithes each month. Others prefer to give their tithe once each month. But once you’ve decided to try a certain approach, stick with it for a while, through thick and thin. Give God a chance to enter through this new doorway you’ve opened. The most important aspect of tithing is that it remain a conscious act of devotional self-offering to God.

Be a Support Angel

The act of giving itself generates the consciousness of abundance. Ananda is entirely supported by people just like you. It’s a delightful responsibility! If you feel you’ve found value here, please consider being a monthly Ananda Support Angel, so that others might benefit as well. Thank you, and bless you!

Expand Your Faith, Expand the Light

We encourage you to consider tithing as a spiritual practice. It will help build a strong foundation of faith in your own life, and help expand the light of Yogananda’s teachings throughout Portland and the world.

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Inspiration: Why Tithing Works