Swami Kriyananda said that sound is the most powerful sense influencing our experience of spirituality. Music is a rich part of Ananda’s daily devotional and meditation experience as well as the hallmark of all our celebrations.

Music at Ananda comes in many forms:

The Ananda Choir has 30+ members. They sing choral, small group and solo pieces at Sunday services and events. Concerts with vocal and instrumental music are performed several times a year.

Chanting is a devotional form of prayer and affirmation set to a melody, sung repeatedly with increasing awareness and concentration. Most of the chants sung at Ananda were written or translated  by Swami Kriyananda or Paramhansa Yogananda. We sing in English and occasionally in Sanskrit and Italian. Kirtans are group chanting events with short periods of meditation. Kirtans are held monthly , usually on the last Friday of the month. They are held in various Ananda locations, so be sure to check the calendar.

Recorded music by Swami Kriyananda is available in our boutique and Crystal Clarity publishers. Swami Kriyananda was an accomplished musician, composer and singer, recognized worldwide. His music is played around the globe and the recorded instrumental and choral music is a valuable tool for uplifting your consciousness while you are traveling in your car or at work or in your home.

Sunday Services include music performed by the choir and musicians, as well as inspiring pieces the congregation can sing.

Enjoy a variety of Ananda music on Ananda Radio.

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Enjoy the Christmas 2018 concert at the Grotto:  Ananda Choir

There’s joy in the heavens, a smile on the mountains, and melody sings everywhere!
The flowers are all laughing to welcome the morning, 
your soul is as free as the air!

Joy in the Heavens, by Swami Kriyananda