“Hello there brother bluebell, sing me a tune today!” sings the opening line of one of Swami Kriyananda’s many delightful children’s songs, an ode to the joy and beauty of nature. The lyrics go on to welcome and sing praise to the lovely meadowlarks and dewdrops, monarchs and beetles, pebbles and laughing brooks. At the very end Swamiji, a superconscious composer, avoids ending on a traditional “down” note and the song soars upwards in it’s final lines: 

God made us of his gladness: come, then, and sing.
To cure the world of sadness: oh, ring, bluebell, ring!

Indeed, of the countless inspiring pieces of Swami Kriyananda’s music, given to him by God, his children’s music can sometimes pierce the heart most readily. In the beautiful flowers and sunshine, in the play and laughter of children, we can easily relax our hearts and feel God’s joy, bubbling under the surface of our souls. And while it is good to stop and smell the bluebells, it is better when we first center ourselves in the presence of God within. Even the inevitable sorrows and sufferings of life can bring us sweetness, when we cultivate the deeper understanding, or at least the natural love, of the heart. So meditate a little deeper and longer, pray more sincerely in the silence of your soul, and then greet the days of spring with a full and open heart.

With the traditional celebration of Easter comes the freedom and joy of the soul: the resurrection of Jesus brings a message of spiritual hope for every sincere heart. But the story can also serve as a bittersweet reminder that this world is a nest of troubles. Only by sincerely seeking and loving God can we overcome the trials and troubles of this world, and even then we may not understand, but we will be at peace. Paramhansa Yogananda often emphasized the words of Jesus, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness: then all these things will be added unto you.” This is the real second coming of Christ that was promised, and that the life and spirit of Yogananda continues to inspire and fulfill.

Join us for our Easter celebrations and many spring activities at Ananda Portland if you can. Next to a true master like Jesus or Yogananda, there is no greater blessing than spiritual fellowship with friends who love God. So while we revel in the singing blossoms and busyness of spring, let us meditate and seek the kingdom of God within above all else, and enjoy the season together despite the passing clouds and wind and rain. Remember: to cure the world of sadness: oh ring, bluebell ring!

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