United Nations logo, Ananda at the UN.

Ananda at the United Nations

When something this amazing happens, we want to share the joy! Taken from a recent email. Sharing the Light Throughout the World As we were thinking of creating ways for Ananda to Be the Change, we came up with the idea to ask the United Nations to declare an International Day of Meditation. The next day, a man named Shomik Chaudry, … Read More

Dambara Begley, instructor at Ananda Portland Temple

Relationships 108, and Meditation

Or How to Find True Love How’re you doin’ in the relationships department? (Read through to the end, I have a point.) Guys: Are you really listening to your partner? I mean, are you so interested in their point of view that you completely forget your own? Do you follow their advice? Can you let go of the next thing … Read More

Lorna Knox, Minister-Lightbearer at the Ananda Temple, devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda

Meditation—for Real

Meditation Is Part of the Conversation Today I had a conversation with two women about meditation, while we were at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was not an Ananda gathering and even while enjoying the exchange, part of my mind was fascinated that meditation has become a mainstream conversation topic. One woman expressed confusion and asked me to explain … Read More


Even A Little Practice of Meditation…

…”Will free one from dire fears and colossal sufferings.” Says the Bhagavad Gita. Blessed promise. I recall first coming to meditation thirty-five years ago. I came because, no matter how hard I tried to get the details of my life arranged to remove stress and anxiety, it never lasted. And it seemed that the harder I tried, the worse things … Read More