There is a better way to live in this world, and we are helping to create and share that way together. People everywhere have had enough of selfishness, divisive politics, lack of right living and kindness and respect. While we cannot solve all the world’s complex and difficult problems, we can create a powerful momentum to help support the many necessary changes and solutions. By simplifying our lives, banding together in communities, and establishing universal spiritual ideals we are effecting immense positive change. 

On July 31, 1949, at a garden party in Beverly Hills, Paramhansa Yogananda emphatically said: “This day marks the beginning of a new era! My spoken words are registered in the ether, in the Spirit of God, and they SHALL MOVE THE WEST! . . . We must go on—not only those who are here, but thousands of youths must go north, south, east, and west to cover the earth with little colonies, demonstrating that simple living plus high thinking produce the greatest happiness.”

Among the many gathered there that day, perhaps the only person present who truly took these words to heart was Swami Kriyananda. He would go on to dedicate nearly 65 years to this mission of Yogananda’s, founding and supporting successful spiritual communities all over the world. While our Ananda communities continue to thrive, we now have the responsibility to further the creative expression and expansion of spiritual community into the future. Of course there are numerous wonderful examples of community besides Ananda, and all over the world these little “cities of light” form a beautiful tapestry of harmonious living, trailblazing a path of light for the future of this world.

Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year and an auspicious time of change and growth. Our miraculous and life-giving sun is a symbol of the divine Light that shines through all nature, in every heart and mind, and scintillates in every atom of creation. As we celebrate the official beginning of the season of summer, we also continue to tread the path of Light that brings great unity, peace and happiness in a yet confused and troubled world.

Ananda Portland is celebrating the solstice and community with an Open House, sharing the gifts of music, food and drink, playfulness and friendship with friends old and new. The essence of community is not only the important physical place and proximity we live, but the spirit of cooperation, unity and joy that pervades our relationships and lives. We hope you can join us for this special event, and in this special lifestyle which produces the greatest happiness. 

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