To volunteer means to freely give your time and energy with willingness and enthusiasm. To serve others with willingness is one of the best ways to make progress on the spiritual path and to expand our awareness. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word “seva” means service.  At Ananda we practice seva in everything we do, including the work we get paid for. Every day is an opportunity to serve others and to learn to serve God more completely.

There are many opportunities for volunteer energy at Ananda and we work with each individual to find the right place for joyful service.

Service hours can be scheduled regularly, such as once a week, or whenever your schedule permits. We also have Seva Days throughout the year when we all get together for joyful service to complete special projects.

At the Temple and Teaching Center – the temple is the heart of Ananda Portland and many hands are needed to keep it open and running. To be at the temple, in the sacred vibrations and to share in the energy there is a blessing. We have fun too!

  • cleaning
  • hosting events and greeting visitors
  • front desk register, phone and reception
  • boutique upkeep
  • flower arranging
  • shopping for supplies
  • maintaining candles and other supplies
  • set up and break down for classes and events
  • making phone calls
  • building maintenance
  • landscaping, gardening and outdoor maintenance
  • preparing food for events

Membership in Ananda Portland includes service hours at the temple as well as participation and financial support.

It is possible to volunteer in a variety of ways within all the aspects of Ananda Portland including:

Contact us to learn more.  503-626-3403

More about service:

Service is Joy  article by Peter Van Houten MD