Learn and Explore

Are you looking for a deeper understanding in your life? Are you yearning for something that you might call truth, or wisdom, or spiritual meaning? Perhaps you are interested in meditation, yoga or the ancient teachings of the East. Maybe you are looking for practical tools to live spiritual ideals. We invite you to look over what Ananda Portland offers and come to a class or event. We may have what you are looking for.

Please check our full calendar or call us at 503-626-3403 with questions. Here is a listing of Ananda Holidays specific to Ananda Sangha Worldwide to mark in your calendar.

Recommended for newcomers, and everyone else too

Meditation Classes: For those new to meditation, or new to the techniques taught at Ananda. Ananda teaches meditation as it was taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

Inspirational Classes: Special classes to inspire and support your spiritual life. These are opportunities to immerse yourself in various aspects of the spiritual path and to expand your experience beyond the daily routine. Topics are varied and may include experiential music, art, relationships, prosperity, affirmations, chakras and many others.

Inspirational Events: These events are also opportunities for inspiration and experience in various aspects of the spiritual teachings but differ from classes in format. Concerts, retreats, seva (service) days, and satsang (fellowship with other truth seekers) are examples.

Ananda Yoga Classes: Yoga postures, as originally developed, were used to awaken and release energy in the body and to uplift and expand consciousness. Ananda Yoga is taught with these goals. Drop-in Yoga classes are offered on Mondays and Thursdays.

Going Deeper

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga: A course developed by Swami Kriyananda to study the teachings and techniques of “Raja” or royal yoga. Includes learning and practicing meditation techniques, sharing a meal and discussion. You should have one meditation class first. Offered twice a year at the Ananda Portland Temple and the Ananda Center at Laurelwood.

Devotional Events

Devotional events at the temple center around the Self-Realized masters of this divine ray: their lives, their example and their mission. We come together to express gratitude and to open our hearts to the blessings that come through each of these pure channels.

The devotional events may include music, chanting, offerings, meditation and inspiration and they occur throughout the year. All are welcome to share in these sacred gatherings. Read more about the Masters of Self-Realization.